Why would PC games miss out on a good gaming experience? Our roadmap also includes support for non-VR FPS games with the help of a quality IMU.
Using Shotgun with MergenVR is quite simple. With a little finger movement, you can switch to shotgun mode and complete the back and forth movement, or fix the controller with one move.
With its interchangeable adapter system, MergenVR is made compatible with all types and brands of VR glasses.
We know that sometimes it can be quite annoying to put the bullet in the bolt action rail in games. Even milliseconds matter, especially in games where speed matters. That's why we developed an active bolt action mechanism.
Forget about the recoil systems you've seen so far. We are talking about the power produced by a real rifle. You will feel the power of an AR-15 rifle at the end of a magazine on your shoulder.
If you want, use it with its own wireless adapter or with the Vive Tracker. MergenVR was designed to be integrated with different tracking systems.
With the built-in height adjustment, you can fix your unique height and determine the most comfortable aiming line in games.
The meaning “Reality” in VR FPS Games is changing forever.
MergenVR set out with the goal of producing a complete VR Gaming controller.
Feeling the recoil power of a real rifle!
We still haven't been able to achieve a realistic feeling of rebound in the VR space as gamers. Products that approach this are either astronomically expensive or simply offer vibrations that are far from realistic. We are talking about the recoil power of a real rifle with the MergenVR. We want to make you feel what an AR-15 rifle feels when you press the realism button at the end of a magazine!
Bolt Action Rail
In VR games, putting the bullet back into the chamber after changing the magazine can sometimes turn into a real headache. It is very difficult to do this with the Vr controller, especially when you race against time or you need to take fast action. We developed Bolt action rails for this. With a single move, you will be able to complete the sliding process without the need for a controller.
Shotgun Mode
In FPS games, the shotgun is used more than we think. Unfortunately, doing the fill and empty movement with the controllers not always easy. We have produced a solution to this problem with MergenVR. It is now possible to use the controller as a Shotgun with a single finger gesture. After changing the weapon, it can still be easily locked into a fixed position.